WorkCamp in Cambodia

1. What is a Work Camp?

A short term voluntary project, or workcamp, is a community work project carried out by a group of 5 or more volunteers of different nationalities during a period of between 1 and 3 weeks. It’s a great opportunity to experience, learn, discover and meet – new cultures, people, languages and yourself while investing your time and energy in a project for the benefit of others, and we proudly say, it is the life long experience to change ourselves and mutual understanding. Workcamp provides opportunities to explore the potential of an international group to work together and have fun. The group experience is a commitment to working out decisions and problems together. The work is important and not a mere vacation time: all projects answer real local needs, with strong expectations by the sponsors (local communities and councils). The objective is to collaborate to develop a project of voluntary work based around diverse themes –ecology, art and culture, childhood, heritage, renovation, peace building – with the common action of the local population and of a group of international volunteers.

  During free time volunteers can rest, take part in workshops or discover the host country, depending on the project and on the initiative of the group.

2. Work Camp in Cambodia, Project Activities:

We are supporting some projects around Kratie, in the countryside of Cambodia. Some of the activities are below:


    a-Office work

  • Upload video to youtube, website, facebook

  • edit short video clip of project, develop good case studies, report

  • Manual  teaching and learning

  • fund raising

   b-Field work

  • Work with 5 state schools to improve their garden, play grounds environment,

  • Tablets and Computer training to kids

  • School renovation , life skills, how to drawing pictures

  • School Painting

  • Assist farmers ‘group to grow their vegetables and  link to local market.   


3. Dates of the Work Camps:

    To be confirmed.


The maximum of number is 6 people per team, once the quota is filled, we will close the registration.

Cost of the Work Camp:

  Included in the cost of 300 Euros per person are:

Breakfast, lunch and dinner from Monday to Friday. The ingredients of the food are local products, if any participants has any special requirements, she/he should let us know in advance.

Accommodation is covered for 3 weeks including weekends. In the event that participants want to travel  out of the center during their free time, the expenses will be paid by themselves. The big group will be divide in small groups, where each group will live, while staying, in local family houses.












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