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Mr. Yuth was born in 1974, into a poor family of 8, who worked in the rice fields in Sambour district, Kratie province, Cambodia because these were the Khmer Rouge years and all schools were closed. 

He trained as a teacher and taught students in Primary and Lower Secondary Level from 1995 until 2014.

Now he works for KAFDOC, a small Cambodian NGO, helping underprivileged families in rural areas, particulary in the fields of education and female equality.

He lives in Orussey 1 village with his wife and 4 children.


Since he was a young boy, his dream has been to bring education and empowerment to the children of poor families. Learning English was a big part of this as it could bring change to their lives, and help them leave poverty behind.

From his teenage years,he took on extra jobs to begin saving for his dream. In 2006 he was able to purchase a block of land in Orussey 1 village.


In January 2016, after more years of saving, he was able to open the school, build a house for the volunteers, and start lessons for underprivileged children from Orussey 1 and 2 Villages and the surrounding area.

The school is still funded solely by Mr. Yuth, and through donations, mostly from past volunteers, who have also been responsible for teaching, as there is no money for paid staff.

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