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Work Camp in Cambodia - International Volunteering 

Looking for an amazing cultural opportunity?

Check out the details below about our international work camps or click on apply now for a fact sheet and details of how you can be part of a once in a lifetime experience

1. What is a Work Camp?

A short-term voluntary project, or Workcamp, is a community work project carried out by a group of 10 or more volunteers during a period of between 2 and 3 weeks. This could be you and your friends or a mixture of people from around the world


It’s a great opportunity to experience, learn, discover and meet– new cultures, people, languages and yourself while investing your time and energy in a project for the benefit of others, and we proudly say, it is a lifelong experience to change ourselves and mutual understanding.


Workcamp provides opportunities to explore the potential of an international group to work together and have fun. The group experience is a commitment to working out decisions and problems together.


The work is important and not just vacation time: all projects answer real local needs, with strong expectations by the sponsors (local communities and councils).


The objective is to collaborate to develop a project of voluntary work based around diverse themes –ecology, art and culture, childhood, heritage, renovation, and peacebuilding – with the common action of the local population and of a group of international volunteers.

During free time volunteers can rest, take part in workshops or discover the host country, depending on the project and on the initiative of the group.

2. Work Camp in Cambodia, Project Activities:

We are supporting some projects around Kratie, in the countryside of Cambodia. Some of the activities are below:


    a-Office work

  • Social media - Upload videos to YouTube, website, and Facebook

  • Create and edit short video clips of our project, developing good case studies and reports we can use for future funding applications

  • Develop lesson plans and class resources. You can also helo with teaching depending on how long you stay for

  • Fund raising - develop some resources for us

   b-Field work

  • Work with 5 state schools to help improve their gardens and playground

  • Help with IT 

  • Be creative - help with life skills and arts and craft activities

  • Help paint school environment to improve surroundings

  • Assist farmers ‘groups to grow their vegetables and link to local market.   


3. Dates of the Work Camps:

Camps operate throughout the year - our most popular time is between July and October, get in contact to find out the date that is most suitable for you     


The maximum of number is 10 people per team, once the quota is filled, we will close the registration.

4. Activity Calendar:


    8:30 Breakfast time - we will ask some of

    you to help

    9:30 to 12:00 Volunteering activity

    12:00 to 13:00 Free time

    13:00 Lunch time

    14:00 to 15:00 Cultural Activity -twice a week

    15:00 to 17:00 Volunteering time

    17:00 to 18:00 Free time

    18:30 Dinner time 

    19:30 Cultural Activity-twice a week

As a token of gratitude all participants and collaborators will receive a certificate at the end of this experience.


5. Some of the cultural activities:

     Learn about the history of the country.

     Learn some easy sentences in the local language.

     Take part in an activity typical of the area.

     Learn about local food and how to cook it

     Take part in local festivals and games.


6. Free time:

 Weekends are free.  We can organize activities for the group if required, however these are not included in the price of the work camp and participants will be responsible for all costs. Meals are not included at weekends but cooking facilities and recommendations for eating out will be provided.


    Weekend activities that can be arranged include:

    Exploring the ancient places and cities: Koh Trong Island and Mountain with                        monkeys.

   Haymaking to explore the Mekong River.

   Visiting the historic temple of Rokakandal.

   Visit sticky rice bamboo village.

    Visit the dolphins in the Mekong River.

    Visit rice fields in Kratie, local market, local    bakery shop 

    Go to Kampie Resort.

    Siem Riep and Angkor Vat.

    Visit Elephants 

7.Cost of the Work Camp:

The cost is $200 USD for 2 weeks or $250 USD for 3 weeks per person 

This includes:

Breakfast, lunch and dinner from Monday to Friday. The ingredients of the food are local products, if any participants have any special requirements, she/he should let us know in advance.

Accommodation is covered including weekends. If there is a large group, participants will be divided into small groups and each group will live in local family houses

NOT included:

       Extra activities during the weekend are   not included in the price and will be

       charged to the participants.

       Weekends meals are not included (breakfast, lunch and dinner).

8. Booking your trip:

        Get in touch with "Dolphin School of English" through email                with subject: (Workcam)

        Book Work Camp with a Deposit of $100 USD.

        2 weeks before leaving you must transfer   the final amount

        Bank account: 000230686 (Swift Code: ABAKHPP).


9. Required Information:

    Pre-registration form.

    Acceptance of the agreement and code of conduct.


10. Details to be considered:

     On arrival Visa (Visa fees $35 USD).

     Air fare.

     Insurance and Vaccines.

     It is important to become familiar with the region and local cultural practices as       

     well as with the project and organization during the month leading up to the start of

     the camp.

     If you don't attend the Work Camp, you will lose your deposit of $100 USD.


11. Cancellation policy:

     The Work Camp is an activity that aims to support a local development project in     

     Cambodia. In case of cancellation by the volunteer the deposit won´t be     


12. Detail information 


      Dolphin School of English Kratie (Cambodia).

      Address: Ou Russei I village, Sangkat Ou Russei, Kratie town, Kratei province,                         Cambodia


        what app: +855717328484

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