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We are always looking for amazing super stars to help us raise funds for our school


Whether it's from your home country or while you are at Dolphin school, every Pound, Dollar and Euro you donate goes directly to support our children


$10 USD buys new text books

$25USD helps us buy mosquito nets to protect the children
$50USD provides essential books and school supplies
$60 USD provides a child’s tuition scholarship for 1 year

$100 USD pays for a new roof for our library
$250 USD helps us build a playground
$600 USD pays for a Khmer English Teacher for 1 year

$1200 USD pays for 2 teachers for a 1 year plus administrative costs

$6000 USD builds a new classroom

Get in contact today to join our Wall of Fame and show the world you care.
 Or you can donate directly. 

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General Donations


Ania Sergiel

IT Equipment

North Wales Recycle I.T. CIC (

Thank you for donating to make a difference to the children of Kratie

Towards the new school

Ashley Pugh

Beth and 

Share J Ferrari 
Dustin Eiler 
Beatriz 20Euro

Dana Paige Hogg 
Leon Pope
Kuma (Kriyaid)
Vincent Pugh
Magen Blevins 
Constance Trichard 9
Ines Daoudi  
Olga from Russia 

Franzi and Simon


Marie Giacobbi

Rachel Roger (Rotary Quebec)

André Pomerleau

Sponsoring a desk

Pamela Lewis

Ruth Lloyd Williams from Network She

Co and Associates

Sonia Rodgers

Tina Owen

Jeremy and Dawn Bullock

Josie Hodrien

Jenny Hodrien

Community Kitchen

Llandudno Lions

Sponsor a child

Pamela Lewis

Deborah Good

Maureen Weston

Diogo Lima

Carolyn Hodrien


The Lions Club,  Llandudno UK


Ty Llywelyn Community Centre, Llandudno UK

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