All it takes is £5GBP a month and you can make a difference to the opportunities of a child from Cambodia


You will be matched with a child and receive twice yearly reports about your child’s progress in English. You will learn about the child and receive pictures of them at school. Your contribution will ensure they have continuous English lessons and receive regular meals.  The school will be maintained as a safe environment for them to learn. If you wish to, you may also send your child a small gift on their birthday.

Why is learning English important?

The English language is one of the most important things a child growing up in Cambodia can learn. It can help them escape the cycle of poverty and contribute to better job prospects.

Cambodia has a growing tourist industry and English is one the most spoken languages on the planet. Speaking English can greatly enhance future opportunities for our children

Our English Learning Programme focuses on teaching underprivileged children living in Orussey Village in Kratie, an area of high poverty.

Many children want to learn English, but find their options limited, as their families cannot afford extra educational sessions for subjects such as English.

Our classes give these disadvantaged young people a head start in life.


What else will the children benefit from?


Our children come from disadvantaged families and they are always hungry as their families struggle to make enough money to ensure they have enough food. With your help, we can ensure that our children have regular meals, which in turn will help them focus at school.

Any funds that remain will go towards maintaining the school and ensuring that we provide a safe environment

A little bit more?

As with all sponsorship programmes there will always be children who are not directly sponsored. If you are able to afford a little bit more every month we will make sure that no child is left out. However, at the start of the programme we will make sure that those children most in need receive the sponsorship

How does it work?

Once you have received the sign up information and have completed our sign up form, we will send you details of a child in need of sponsorship, and a link to donate your first instalment, followed by monthly donations on the first of every month.

For more details email us at or contact us through Facebook

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