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Our expectations of you

To commit to a minimum of 5 hours volunteering a day - Monday to Friday during the day and evening for 3 weeks.

To teach our students, aged 6 years to adult, in two classes each day. Each volunteer will teach one children's lesson, and one adult's lesson each day. Our children's classes are formal, Khmer-style. Adult classes are conversation based.

Weekends are free and we are happy to give you ideas of places to visit in our area.

All volunteers pay 40,000 Riels (US$10) per week to help us pay the utility bills, and keep the volunteer house in good repair.

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We have bicycles available for you to use but we ask that you help us maintain them

Teaching experience is greatly appreciated but if you are new to teaching, don't worry, a good standard of English, and enthusiasm and a commitment to help the students are all that we require. Our children's classes are formal, Khmer-style. We do not play games in class. We teach a different topic each month, and vocabulary lists, suggested activities etc. are provided to the volunteers, to make lesson planning easy.  Most of our students study at Beginner level.

Adult classes are conversation based and held in pairs or small groups.


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If you have any particular skills that you would like to share with us, let us know, we are always open to ideas

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