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 Since it opened nearly five years ago, Dolphin School of English has become an important part of the lives of the children of Orussey village.

It is where they study, where they meet their friends to play in safety, where they can interact with people from overseas and learn many different skills, such as arts and crafts, cookery, gardening and sports, all while improving their English conversation skills.

Mr Yuth worked very hard for many years to make his dream of Dolphin School a reality. Now, with your help, he has an opportunity to ensure that his school will continue over the coming years and decades.

The block of land adjacent to the school has come up for sale, after many years in one family. If it is possible to acquire it, the land would be put in Trust, and managed by a board of trustees, all education specialists, to ensure that the school would continue if, for some reason, Mr Yuth was not able to do so himself.

The block of land is 35 m x 15 m, and would double the amount of space we have for teaching. 

The land is for sale for US $ 60,000.00 but the owner is willing to allow Mr Yuth to take over the land if he can raise a deposit of US$20,000, with the rest to be paid over time.. We appeal to your generosity to help us in this fundraiser, so all children can  benefit from a place to learn, play and develop, now and in the future.

 Every donation, whether large or small, will be greatly appreciated: if everyone helps according to their means, together we will reach our goal. A small contribution can go a long way towards helping Mr. Yuth, and the children’s dream become a reality!

Please help us by making a donation, or organising a fundraiser on our behalf.
 Thank you for helping these children who want to have better opportunities to realize their potential!

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