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Hong Sing, aged 9, and her brother Hong San,8, live in Orussey 2 village with their father, an NGO worker, and their mother, who works at home growing vegetables to sell.

The children have been attending Dolphin School for 3 years and love learning English. Hong Sing says she would like to work in an office like her father when she grows up. Having good English would  help her have a career with one of the many NGOs in Cambodia.


Sok Heng, 14 years old, lives in Orussey 1 village with his parents and 3 older sisters. His father is a cement worker. His mother suffers from health problems and cannot work. 

Sok Heng has been studying at Dolphin School for 3 years and enjoys spending time there, but finds learning difficult. We are doing our best to help him so that in the future he may be able to help his family escape the poverty that they currently live in.

Sok Heng family.jpg
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