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Questions and Answer (Q&A) for our Campaign


Q. Why do we need your donations?

A. Mr Yuth has been running Dolphin School since it opened, using his own money and volunteer donations. People have always been generous and supportive of the school. This time we need a large sum of money to buy the land, so we are hoping that all of our friends and supporters will be willing to contribute to this dream.

Q2. Why do you need this campaign now?

A. We need to act now because this block of land, next to our school, has come on the market. This is our only opportunity to buy adjacent land to expand our school in this location. Dolphin School is the only free English language school in the Kratie area.

 Orussey Village is growing quickly and land prices are rising. Buying this land will secure the future of Dolphin School and make sure the young people in this area have a place to continue their education.

Q. Why do you need to expand Dolphin School?

A. There is a huge demand for lessons. We are the only free school in the area, so new students arrive daily. Currently we have 120 students registered with our school, but, in a village with more than 500 children, there is clearly the need for a bigger school.

Q. Who will own this block of land?

A. The land will belong to the Dolphin School of English Trust, and will be managed by Mr Yuth and a team of trustees..

Q. Can I help you to promote your campaign?

A. Please share news of our campaign on social media, and with your friends and family. The more people involved, the better chance we have of achieving our goal.

Q. What will you do with the money raised if there isn't enough to buy the land?

A. We are completely committed to buying this piece of land, and every dollar will be used for this. All money raised will be put in a bank account. If we cannot raise enough at first, we will continue to fundraise, and negotiate the asking price with the land owner.

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